About Dr. Jan Emerson

"I design sessions that cover all aspects of reading and understanding literary and scientific material—vocabulary, notetaking, active questioning, and critical analysis. Topics covered may include how to determine main idea and significant details in complex pieces, and an author's style and purpose. Other lessons may cover recognizing how various elements of fiction—character, setting, plot, sequence, theme, and moral—shape a narrative. Writing lessons include everything from grammar and spelling, brainstorming ideas and graphic organizers, to outlines and how to construct and develop an argument or an objective report—a short response, a paragraph, or an essay. As applicable, students also learn how to create a writing portfolio: memoir, literary essay, research paper, journalistic writing, and poetry or short story. In my experience, students want to be challenged, not overwhelmed. As students learn and practice strategies, they gain confidence and work more efficiently.

I love the work, the frustration, the creative problem-solving, the joy, and the fun of learning, and I love sharing that with students."

Dr. Emerson taught German, Medieval Studies, Humanities Core Curriculum, and Gender Studies at Reed College and the University of Oregon. She was also an associate at the Center for the Study of Women in Society at UO, where she researched and published on the medieval visionary and composer Hildegard of Bingen, coordinated a teacher support program, and administered a state lecture program. In 2005, she left the Pacific Coast to become a New York City Teaching Fellow. From 2005-2010, she taught 7th and 8th grade Literacy, Reading, Writing, Journalism, and Poetry courses in Washington Heights. She knew since the first day of kindergarten that she wanted to be a teacher. In addition to continuing her lifelong love of teaching by tutoring privately, she studies painting at The Art Students League of New York and is writing a book of poetry.

The descendant of English, German, and Native American farmers and factory workers, Dr. Emerson grew up in the steamy Ohio Valley and has lived in seven states on both coasts and in the Deep South, as well as in the shadow of the Berlin Wall at the height of the Cold War. She met JFK, saw the Beatles on their first American tour, and was present at the launch of the Apollo 11 moon flight. She marched to bring soldiers home safely, for racial and gender equality, and against nuclear proliferation. Wherever she lived and traveled, she visited museums, cathedrals, and theaters, soaking up literature, art history, and culture. She attributes her love of stories and language to the hours she spent listening to women’s stories in her mother’s beauty shop.

If you are trying to find a tutor in Manhattan, contact Dr. Emerson at themanhattantutor@gmail.com or text 347-373-3081 to arrange a free consultation.

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