"Ms. Emerson is a great teacher. She cares about us. She helped me learn the difference between just writing out my thoughts and writing different kinds of poetry. She really helped me improve my poems."

Seventh Grade Student

"Thank you for never giving up on us….Because of you I am going to be a teacher."

Eighth Grade Student

"Dr. Jan Emerson worked with my son during the 2017-2018 academic year. She is a brilliant educator and was able to make my son excited about improving his reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. Dr. Emerson is able to tailor a learning plan to an individual student’s needs. My son’s ELA teacher commented upon my son’s progress and my son markedly improved on his 7th grade ELA exam. Thanks, Dr. Emerson!"

Erica L.

Founder of Style Co.

"Before Ms. Emerson, my daughter never finished a book. Now she is never without one. I don't know how she did it!" 

Parent of Seventh Grade Student

"Dr. Emerson is a wonderful writing coach. She helped me organize my thoughts, develop important transitions, and draw on my own experiences to add vivid details and make my writing lively and unique. She also helped me tailor my writing style to the intended audience." 

S. C., College Student

"Jan Emerson is energetic, brilliant, talented, sophisticated, likeable, and most of all she genuinely cares about student success. She is simply incredible!"

Sean Dolcy

Assistant Principal, High School for Math, Science, and Education, New York, NY

"One of the goals of successful learning is the ability to think independently: to generate original ideas from received concepts, and then to translate those ideas into compelling language. This takes discipline and practice, techniques that can be taught. But for a student to excel, another element is required: pleasure. A student needs to experience how much fun it is to think. That sense of pleasure cannot be taught; it must be awakened, developed and nurtured through the teacher's own sense of enthusiasm and dedication. Dr. Emerson's gift as a teacher is extraordinary partly because, as a practicing poet and essayist, Dr. Emerson embodies the transformative joy of working with words and ideas. Her own work reflects this ethos, and her students always benefit."

Elizabeth Beverly

MFA, Writer/Educator,
Former Faculty: Lewis and Clark College,Portland, Oregon

"Dr. Emerson's strengths lie in differentiating and scaffolding instruction, strong lesson design, and in depth knowledge of literature….One of Dr. Emerson's most apparent strengths is her dedication towards learning. This trait is one that cannot be taught, but is inherent in great teachers. Teachers who love to learn make wonderful role models for students." 

Bridget Benware

Former Education Consultant, Kaplan

"Ms. Emerson engages her students with superior lesson plans….no matter what day it is, her students come out of her classroom with a sense of accomplishment and learning." 

Rita Diaz

Literacy Coach, NYCDOE

"Dr. Emerson helped me turn an unwieldy amount of information into a focused narrative for presentation. She is a brilliant editor!" 

Mary Beth McKenzie

Artist and Instructor, National Academy of Fine Arts
The Art Students League of New York

"Jan Emerson has terrific writing and editing skills. One of my students was having trouble making final cuts for a play she had written. Dr. Emerson helped her tighten the structure of scenes for clarity, focus, and dramatic effect, greatly improving the play's impact."

Patrick Quagliano

Stella Adler Acting Studio Instructor

"Dr. Jan Emerson actively immerses her students in the learning process, drawing from the kind of professional accomplishments that enliven a tutorial relationship. An early practitioner of foreign language instruction designed to inspire student mastery of German language through direct experience with culture and literature, she has been a steadfast advocate of the liberal arts in college (Reed College [Portland, Oregon] and University of Oregon [Eugene]) as well as, most recently, the secondary public school classroom [Manhattan]. As an educator, she obliges her students, regardless of age, to clear examination of what is fundamental, even as they must seek discovery of the as yet unfamiliar. Among other publications, her published article on Hildegard of Bingen, for which she received considerable praise within her discipline, exemplifies the kind of scrupulous care to cultural studies that are at the heart of history, social studies, literature and theology. Furthermore, her career includes a keen interest in the uses of writing, as a habit of a mind that, through reflective practice, develops a responsible relationship between informal writing and the formal, audience-intended, essay." 

Robert D. Whittemore, Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology, Western Connecticut State University,  Danbury, CT 
Associate, Institute for Writing & Thinking, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 
Founder and Director, Fir Acres Workshop in Writing & Thinking, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR