The Manhattan Tutor


If you are trying to find a tutor in Manhattan, Dr. Jan Emerson is among the most qualified private English tutors in Manhattan. She earned a Ph.D. from Brown University and taught at Reed College and the University of Oregon for many years before becoming a New York City Teaching Fellow. In addition to teaching, lecturing, and training teachers, she has researched, edited, and published academic works. She knew since the first day of kindergarten that she wanted to be a teacher and continues her lifelong love of teaching by tutoring privately. She also studies painting at The Art Students League of New York and is writing a book of poetry. Contact Dr. Emerson at

Dr. Emerson, now a private tutor in Manhattan, grew up in Anderson, Indiana, a town largely supported by the automobile industry. Her great grandparents and grandparents were farmers and factory workers of English, German, and Native American descent. Her father was a realtor, concentrating on selling older homes, a hard task during the seventies, when most of the factories closed or moved away, forcing many residents to migrate south to find work. Her love of stories and language grew as she spent hours listening to women's stories in her mother's beauty shop.

Dr. Emerson studied English and German at Indiana University (BA) and German at the University of Massachusetts (MA). While living in Berlin, she saw an exhibition of Sanskrit manuscripts that sparked her fascination with older languages and eventually led to her Ph.D. from Brown University in German and Medieval Studies. She taught German, Medieval Studies, Humanities Core Curriculum, and Gender Studies at the University of Oregon and Reed College. She was also an associate at the Center for the Study of Women in Society at UO, where she researched and published on the medieval visionary and composer Hildegard of Bingen, coordinated a teacher support program, and administered a state lecture program. In 2005, she left the Pacific Coast to become a New York City Teaching Fellow and earned an MA in Secondary Education from Pace University. From 2005-2010, she taught 7th and 8th grade Literacy, Reading, Writing, Journalism, and Poetry courses in Washington Heights.